How To Convert And Manipulate The New ACVHD Formats For Creating Your Own Videos


Next time you visit Best Buy or Circuit City, stop by the digial video camera sections and then play around with the new drive Disk cameras. They truly are amazing.

I took some footage in my back yard to examine that and that I focused on my vegatable garden and found a few remarkable close-ups of these leaves and foliage and the details and clarity without a ghosting or bluring is so incredible.

Welcome to the future of digital final cut pro x plugins HDD camcorders.

The Sony HDR-SR1 Can Be a Hard Drive Disk camera. It only records images (4 camera) and video files. The video may be recoreded at SD or HD. SD is for Standard definition, which you’ll find on my digital video camera now, which utilize DV tape. HD is High Definition.

The simplicity of an onboard disk creates with this camera a true “snap”

I only film a video, and use the touchscreen tech to navigate my previous videos and can play them right into the LCD monitor.

To transfer the videos to my computer system, I just work with a USB2 connection plus it immediately moves the videos to my laptop.

Added to the camera is still special computer software that enables me to watch the HD videos on my laptop, however that I had been shocked to figure out I couldn’t edit them.

I did a thorough search all around the net to locate people, talk forum and applications that could do exactly what I had to do…. Edit the ACVHD format and save it like a document I could upload into Google video or youtube.

I was nearly prepared to tear out my hair, when I discovered the most recent version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8 now edits ACVHD video.

You could dumb the video down into just about any popular video format that you’ll prefer application for making DVD, that are routine DVD’s, perhaps not blueray.

There’s a particular onetouch burn to DVD you may do from the camera, and it will burn the video file to a DVD on your own computer. But as it happens, though the video is currently in HD, the final variant DVD will only have the ability to be observed on Blue-Ray players, which…. The majority of individuals do not possess.

And in the event that you dave directly to DVD in SD manner, you eliminate lots of this nive HD clarity.

But nonetheless, using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Card got the job done, also I managed to govern and edit the ACVHD files just like any video document, and it had been quick and easy.

You can send the edited and completed video to a hard disk, straight back into the camera or to your DVD using the sony app. It is going to even let you save your self in HD formats like 1440 x 1080 using 5.1 surroundsound.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Card is so much, one of the simplest methods to edit ACVHD video and also control it into other quality video formats.

Established in 2006, Aliso Viejo, California-based Pixel Film Studios is an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast community. Their products are integrated with popular non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple FCPX.
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